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'Aimbot' refers to cheating software or game hacks that automatically aim and shoot (triggerbot) in shooter games. It's one of the most controversial game hacking tactics due to its effectiveness in online multiplayer shooters. It's one of the easiest cheating tactics to detect and ban.

'Aimboit' means automatic aiming, aiming robot, auto aim, etc. The 'triggerbot' fires a shot or numerous bullets after automatic targeting is complete. Aim assist cheats are also popular; they are an extreme version of the included aim assist in many FPS and online shooter games on mobile and consoles.

How Aimbots work

A real full-fledged aimbot is an advanced cheating program that uses game hacking techniques and automation or 'bot' software to find enemies/targets by reading the game memory and finding certain objects in the game world, then locking a player's aim onto the target using user input, then shooting the target. It's a wallhack/VAC/ESP and game bot mixed.

While aiming automation is straightforward, finding targets is not. Since part of any online game, namely the game world around you, must be processed on your gaming device to display it to you, this graphic memory can be scanned for certain objects, even if they are hidden behind walls, allowing the aimbot to acquire targets outside of the field of view and shoot them when they become hittable/visible. This will be possible until games process visuals server-side, which is expensive and causes lag. Latency is crucial in competitive shooters, and light cannot be surpassed. Aimbots will remain.

Single-player Aimbots?

Single-player games don't need aimbots since designing and maintaining them operating takes a lot of labor and resources. Single-player games already allow powerful game hacks like god mode, limitless money, ammo, speedhacks, etc. There is no market for offline aimbots because there are cheaper and more powerful ways to cheat. Due to server-side processing, online multiplayer shooters don't allow powerful hacks like god modes, hence aimbots thrive there.

Aimbots have what features?

Aimbots have many features. Features, especially masked features, usually indicate a product's quality. Here are some toggleable and adjustable features:

  • aimingbot (auto aiming funcationaliy)
  • TRIGGERBOTS (auto shooting on or off, allowing you to just lock onto targets and shooting yourself if needed.)
  • Silent Aim (masks pointing movement, gun shoots in 'wrong direction' but still hits, you don't need to aim)
  • Limits for aiming angle, speed, delay, smoothness, etc (this is to mask the aimbot use and make it less easily detectable by people watching you, make the aiming process seem more natural, human and insuspicious)
  • Headshot, bodyshot, limbshot, etc.
  • Through-the-wall shooting.
  • Predictive targeting using projectile speed, target speed, bullet drop, etc.
  • (This works if the target doesn't change direction or speed.)
  • Aiming and aim+trigger buttons/keys
  • In-game menu for configuring aimbot options and limiters.


As with other cheats, some utilize them to harvest faster and respectfully, while others abuse them to dominate other players. A decent aimbot user is hard to tell apart from a good player, but a toxic game hacker will be quite clear and get reported and banned soon. People that abuse aimbots lose their accounts rapidly, lose all their progress, and have to buy the game again, costing them a lot of money.

Overall, aimbots' potency is tempered by the ease with which misuse is recognized and offenders banned. Modern anti-cheat software can ban aimbots based on their play data.

Free Aimbots?

As said, aimbots are among the most difficult and misused game hacks, hence it's rare to locate real free aimbots online. Due to the popularity and power of the software, a free version would be prohibited almost immediately, forcing the developer to change it to remain undiscovered. It's theoretically possible to get free aimbot downloads, but it's highly improbable. Atuo aim and aim bot software are normally premium downloads or part of a premium mod, hack, or other game hacking tool.

Aim Assist

Aim assist is a game feature for consoles, mobile games, and other gaming platforms that don't allow for precise aiming using a mouse. It's a crutch for inaccurate aiming input that snaps your crosshairs to the target when you're 'near enough' (radius around the target). Such games have aim aid and hitboxes larger than the player model. Game hackers use this functionality to cheat by increasing the distance from the target when the'snap to target' or aimbot is triggered. Many recent games contain aimbots that can be abused and changed to become auto aiming hacks.

Aimbot detection

  • Targeting is instant. (Gimme.)
  • Only headshots (unnatural aiming: too direct, too straight, too stable, snappy, never overshooting target, insane recoil control). (Gimme.)
  • Instantly shoots on sight. (Because the aimbot and triggerbot attach quickly.)
  • Gun snaps from target to target. That's why.
  • Average player develops pro-level aim in a day. (They bought aimbots.)
  • After crosshair hits target, fires instantly. (No-delay triggerbot.)
  • Crosshairs follow a target point flawlessly and promptly. (Aimbot locked, trigger not pulled.)
  • Wallhack features, since they often go together. Often, yes.
  • Depending on the existence and setup of anti-detection characteristics like aim slow, human-like movements, shot delay, etc., each aimbot feature can be seen to varying degrees.